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The CryoVax® mechanism begins with the priming of the immune system with intradermal AlloStim® to increase the titer of allo-specific Th1 and CTL memory cells in circulation.  After priming, a single metastatic lesion is visualized by ultrasound (or CT scan) and with a percutaneous probe, the lesion is partially ablated  The ablation is designed to cause death of some tumor cells by necrosis, releasing internal cell contents, including heat shock proteins and danger signals into the tumor microenvironment.  Immediately after the ablation procedure, intra-lesional AlloStim® is injected.  AlloStim® amplifies the danger signals in the microenvironment, creating conditions for in-situ vaccination and abscopal effects. Subsequently, intravenous dosing of AlloStim® causes extravasation of memory cells to tumor sites where-ever they are located in the body.  This changes all tumors from “cold” (without immune cell infiltrates) to “hot” (highly infiltrated).  This enhanced inflammation, counter-regulates immune suppression and avoidance and creates conditions for immune-mediated tumor destruction.

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