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Business Highlights 

Outside Box

Our platform technology, reverse engineering methods, product candidates and protocols are novel, unlike any other immunotherapies under development. Our out-of-the-box thinking has enabled us to define real problems and model solutions based on analysis of proven immune mechanisms.

Novel Solutions

Our innovation is based on a unique knowledge of immune mechanisms. Current immunotherapy approaches have generated a large number of proposed solutions to problems that have been encountered in the development of immunotherapy drugs. Our innovation has shown that our competitors many times are seeking solutions to the wrong problems.

New Industry

The human immune system is the most powerful disease treatment and preventative system known. Immune cell-based therapies can replace harsh chemical medicines and serve as the basis for creating a new industry based on non-genetic methods to educate, modulate and direct immune responses against pathogens and cancers, and slow or reverse the effects of aging that is non-toxic and affordable to the masses.  

Mass Production

Most patients around the world are unable to access breakthrough medicines. Our “off-the-shelf” next generation immune cell therapies are derived from the blood of healthy donors.  Using specialized “artificial lymph node” bioreactors, we can expand immune cells to the 100’s of billions. Therefore, a single donor can produce sufficient cells for treatment of potentially hundreds to thousands of patients. This provides an economy of scale that enables unprecedented cost savings, making our treatments affordable and assessable.

Business Model

Big pharma is dedicated to a blockbuster drug model, tied to massive investments in science, selling capability, production plants and organizations that are used to attempt to yield the rare lottery-winner drug. This drives up costs and excludes a large portion of the world population from access. By providing natural, branded immunotherapy drugs at affordable prices, we will create a new pharmaceutical business model that will be disruptive to the big pharma industry culture in the same manner as generic drug entry into the pharmaceutical markets caused disruption in big pharma operations. 

Novel Technology

Our next generation immunotherapy platform technology represents a novel approach to harnessing the power of the human immune system to prevent and treat disease.   This technology solves many of the technological and business model problems inhibiting the commercial expansion of first generation immunotherapy treatments, such as CAR-T and checkpoint inhibitor drugs.          

Intellectual Property

Our platform technology called “Mirror Effect®” was first developed at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center and is now protected by over 200 issued patents.  AlloStim® is our lead product, now advancing to Phase IIb/III clinical development in cancer and Phase I/II clinical development in anti-viral and anti-aging vaccines.

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