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Mirror Biologics
International Biopharmaceutical Co.

Mirror Biologics, Inc. (“MBI”) is an international biopharmaceutical company specialized in development and manufacturing of next generation immunotherapy products where the active ingredients are living immune cells.  Our technology originally spun out from Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem.  Our corporate headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida USA where we operate a 21 CFR 1271-compliant blood donor and cell processing center and conduct research and development on the design and testing of novel bioreactors and commercial manufacturing systems.  We conduct our own GMP cell production and formulation operations through our Israel-based subsidiary.  Our Bangkok, Thailand office coordinates our clinical, business and technology transfer operations in Asia.

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Effective and Affordable
Next Generation Immunotherapy

Mirror Biologics is dedicated to creating a fully integrated, international biopharmaceutical business that provides affordable access to next generation immunotherapies.  Our next generation immunotherapy programs aim to harness the power of the human immune system to treat and prevent disease. We have developed a patented immune cell, called AlloStim®, with powerful immunomodulatory properties that is used to educate and modify a patients’ own immune system to enable it to identify and destroy cancers and infectious organisms and to reprogram immune systems weakened by age or chronic infection.

Our immunomodulatory vaccine development programs are based upon our novel Mirror Effect® technology platform which is able to imprint a re-programmed immune response over an existing failed immune response of a diseased or elderly patient. This novel technology platform expands the indications and type of patients that might benefit from immunotherapy approaches beyond first generation CAR-T and checkpoint inhibitor approaches.

Alternative to Toxic

We believe that our next generation immunotherapy programs may someday become a first line standard of care for metastatic cancers. After a cancer metastasizes to other parts of the body, the disease is incurable.  Chemotherapy is the current standard of care for most metastatic cancers. Chemotherapeutics can have severe side effects or have unfavorable pharmacokinetic profiles and thus often prove to be only moderately effective and always have an adverse effect on quality of life.   These difficult to treat metastatic cancers are best treated by taking advantage of the power of the human immune system. Learning how the immune system works and how tumors and pathogens are able to by-pass the immune weapons, can lead us to better and less toxic life-saving treatments.  Our immunotherapy programs aim to modulate the immune system in a manner that will make the immune cells smarter than tumors and pathogens that are currently capable of evading immune attack. The smart activation of the immune system against antigens found within tumor cells will initiate a body-wide search for tumor cells without the side effects of standard chemotherapy. Another key advantage of our immunotherapy programs is that if the cancer reappears, the immune system’s memory is able to mount a rapid assault on the tumor without need for additional treatment.

Features of
Our Technology 

Our Company and Technology Features:

  1. Non-genetically manipulated, patented, allogeneic living immune cell therapy (AlloStim®)

  2. Novel and proprietary Mirror Effect® technology platform for pipeline development

  3. Over 200 issued patents worldwide

  4. Late-stage clinical development programs (Phase IIB and Phase III)

  5. “off-the-shelf immunotherapy format, enough cells can be derived from one healthy blood donor to potentially treat thousands providing economy of scale and profitable business model

  6. Therapeutic cancer vaccines active against chemotherapy and immunotherapy refractory tumors in Phase I/II, Phase II and Phase IIA clinical trials.

  7. Consistently turns “cold” tumors to “hot” tumors permitting combinations with other technologies

  8. One drug for all, yet creates a customized, patient-specific, disease-specific immune response. No requirement for knowledge of disease-specific neoantigen peptides.

  9. Distributed as a frozen dosage form with extended shelf life for worldwide distribution

  10. Remodels elderly immune system to provide universal protection from viral diseases, including SARS-CoV-2 and influenza

  11. Counter-regulates tumor microenvironment to reverse immunosuppression (naturally down-regulates check-point molecules, converts M2 macrophages to M1, de-differentiates Treg)

  12. Reverses low-grade inflammation (e.g., chronic CMV) that can lead to cancers, neurological and cardiovascular diseases in the elderly

  13. Manufacturing “Pods”. Featuring proprietary “artificial lymph-node” high density bioreactors with closed, sterile “plug and play” design and centralized internet cloud control of automated processing, QC and QA release providing unprecedented control and economy of scale.

  14. Experienced and innovative management team ready to execute commercialization plan

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