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The StimVax® protocol is our lead protocol now in Phase IIb clinical trial in metastatic colorectal cancer and in Phase II/III clinical trial in advanced liver cancer.  StimVax® is an immunomodulatory neoantigen vaccine combining endogenous heat shock proteins (HSP) released from tumor cells or viral infected cells lysed by activated NK cells or death-receptor expressing activated memory CTL cells combined with AlloStim®. 

The AlloVax® protocol combines AlloStim® with our CRCL product.  CRCL is enriched HSP purified from an ex-vivo lysed tumor or viral infected cell sample. The HSP chaperone tumor neoantigens or viral epitopes.  Both AlloStim® and CRCL are injected intradermally.

The CryoVax® protocol combines percutaneous cryoablation of a selected tumor lesion with intralesional AlloStim®.  The cryoablation causes the release of endogenous HSP and danger signals into the tumor microenvironment (other ablation techniques such as radiation, alcohol and microwave can also be used) with AlloStim® serving as an adjuvant. 

The AlloPrime® protocol is used for remodeling senescent immune systems of the elderly (>65yo) to provide universal anti-viral protection. Multiple intradermal AlloStim® injections are administered in order to develop an increased titer of allo-specific Th1/CTL memory cells in circulation.  These memory cells can be non-specifically activated upon encounter with virus, releasing interferon-gamma which establishes an “anti-viral state” and activates innate immunity, providing rapid viral clearance. AlloPrime® can be used alone or in combination with viral antigens.

The AlloLife® protocol is used to eliminate sub-clinical inflammation that can lead to diseases associated with age, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and  neurological disease.  The protocol incorporates high frequency AlloStim® intradermal dosing for individuals over 50yo. 

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