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Our science focuses on our patented Mirror Effect® technology platform for development of immunomodulatory vaccines which have the unique feature of being able to imprint both preventive and therapeutic immunity against cancer and infectious disease upon the immune system of patients whose immune systems originally failed to respond in a manner which prevented disease. This unique feature is made possible through our harnessing and uniquely combining innate and adaptive cellular immunity, counter-regulatory effects of ‘danger signals’ and “in-situ vaccination” immune mechanisms.

Ours is the only immunotherapy that has both the feature of “off-the-shelf” (allogeneic) format and ability to customize the immune response to the disease within each individual patient that is treated.

Mirror Effect
Technology Platform



The unique feature of our next generation immunotherapy Mirror Effect® platform technology is that we use an “off-the-shelf” living immune cell drug, AlloStim®, to treat different patients each with a wide variety of cancers or infectious diseases, yet this same off-the-shelf treatment results in a customized patient-specific, disease-specific immune response. This is made possible by harnessing the power of “in-situ vaccination”.  This is a vaccination that occurs inside of the body.  

Clinical Transition

Our Mirror Effect® technology platform enables us to translate information developed from an advanced understanding of the multiple regulatory pathways involved in anti-tumor and anti-pathogen immunity, as well as an understanding of the immune mechanisms used by tumors and viruses to suppress immune responses and avoid immune elimination into customized clinical protocols. These protocols are designed to elicit a pre-determined cascade of immune events in both time and location that ‘mirror’ proven effective immune cascade mechanisms. This is made possible by designing protocols that use the multiple immunomodulatory mechanisms of our lead immunotherapy drug, AlloStim® , in order to imprint these immune cascades upon a patient’s immune system so that they dominate over, and cancel out, the resident failed immune response which lead to disease or susceptibility to disease.

Next Generation Immunomodulatory Vaccines

Our immunomodulatory vaccines are different from traditional vaccines that inject antigens (with or without adjuvant) to attempt to elicit a desired immune response.  Our vaccines are instead protocols that incorporate injections over time that elicit waves of immunomodulatory effects on the immune system in order to fundamentally alter the way the host immune system responds to threats that were previously ignored and providing immune counter-measures to prevent tumors and infected cells from evading immune elimination.

The ultimate goal of immunotherapy is to train the immune system to identify and completely eliminate tumors and viral infected cells (“sterilizing immunity”) and then ‘remember’ the eliminated tumor or virus. With establishment of immune memory, if ever the tumor or virus infection returns, a pre-programmed immune response is primed and ready to eliminate the disease without further treatment. First generation immunotherapy drugs, such as checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T immunotherapies do not incorporate this type of mechanism. 

Mirror Effect
Breakthrough Technology


Mirror Effect® technology is capable of translating and imprinting immune mechanisms which can educate the immune system to elicit sterilizing immune responses and immune memory against cancer and pathogens. For decades scientists have been attempting to harness the power of the immune system in this manner using vaccine technology.  However, the goal of developing vaccines to prevent disease or used as treatments for diseases, such as cancers and modern viral infections, has remained elusive.  Our Mirror Effect® technology is a significant breakthrough for developing effective therapeutic and preventative vaccines for cancer and modern viruses, using a novel immunomodulatory design that is reversed engineered from proven effective immune responses.  Mirror Effect® not only imprints effective immune cascades over failed cascades, but can also counter-regulate the ability of cancers and pathogens to evade immune attack.


Our Mirror Effect® platform technology represents a completely novel approach to the design and clinical translation of immunological mechanisms into in-situ vaccines for the treatment and prevention of disease. No one else does it like we do. We have over 200 issued patents covering our novel protocols, products and methods.

Novel Vaccines
Therapeutic and Preventative

Vaccines are designed to educate the immune system through the encounter with samples of a pathogen or cancer cells. All vaccine designs have certain common challenges, such as what antigen and what adjuvant to use, what type of immune response to generate and how to make the immune response long lasting. Cancer and some viruses, additionally, present several unique hurdles. Cancer vaccines must overcome immune suppression that is: exerted by the tumor; by previous therapy; and, by the effects of advanced age. Viral and cancer vaccines must also address the various ways that these diseases have evolved to evade immune recognition and elimination.  Our unique Mirror Effect® vaccines overcome all these challenges.

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