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CRCL and AlloStim® are injected intradermally in the same location.  The completely mis-matched allogeneic AlloStim® cells are rejected by the host immune system releasing endogenous heat shock proteins (HSP) and danger signals.  The HSP from the rejected AlloStim® and the HSP purified from lysed tumor cells are simultaneously processed by resident dendritic cells (DC).  The DC mature to IL-12+ DC1 and traffic to the draining lymph node and stimulate allo-specific and tumor-specific Th1/CTL.  Multiple intradermal injections produce amplified waves of allo- and tumor-specific memory Th1/CTL.  The cytokines produced from activated memory cells activate NK cells.  An intravenous AlloStim® infusion activates circulating memory cells and causes them to extravasate to tumors.  The activated allo-specific and tumor-specific memory cells condition the tumor microenvironment to counter regulate suppressor mechanisms and enable immune-mediated tumor lysis.

AlloVax Mechanism.png
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