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Need For Affordable Drugs

To accomplish our Mission and Vision, Mirror Effect® products are designed to address the unmet medical needs of rural and poorer communities of the world.  Our affordable next generation drugs can be delivered on an out-patient basis in a primary care setting in rural clinics.  The “off-the-shelf” frozen dosage forms, simple intradermal and/or IV administration and minimal need for follow-up care for side-effects make our products assessable to patients without current access to high tech medicines.


Providing access to effective, minimally toxic next generation medicine opens a new opportunity to address a worldwide unmet medical need.  The USA spends 17.8 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare and most often is the first to adopt novel therapies. Novel cancer drugs in USA are priced over $100,000 per year; which is not affordable to the majority of the world population.  The majority of the US population are covered by medical insurance to help defray most of this cost, however this is not the case in other populated areas of the world.

It is not only the cost of novel therapies that make them non-assessable to the masses, but also the cost of delivery and aftercare.  There is a lack of oncology specialists and other healthcare resources in low- and mid- income countries. In these countries, a novel therapy, even if affordable, that requires frequent access to the healthcare system and specialized care, either to treat side-effects or perform procedures, will still not be assessable.

In single payer systems, funds are strained due to the high costs of healthcare especially at the end of life.  In these systems, only the wealthy with ability to pay out of pocket have access to novel medicines. There is a substantial population residing in rural areas that have little or no access to novel medicine and have limited resources to afford specialized healthcare.

Another problem is that the available resources in low- to middle income countries are geographically concentrated in large cities, and do not reach the those residing in rural areas. The bulk of public health expenditure continues to be absorbed by hospital-based care delivered at some distance from low income rural populations.

Mirror Effect® technology creates a new industry providing major populations with access to branded drugs at generic prices.

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