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Reverse Engineering

Immune Effector Functions

Our “Mirror Effect®” technology is a novel process for custom designing new, effective immune responses in people that can be imprinted upon and dominate over a resident non-effective immune response. The Mirror Effect® process begins with mapping the cascade of immune events which occur in space and time that result in a desired immune response outcome.  The immune response of a patient with disease is then similarly mapped in order to understand how the disease was able to change and evade an effective immune response.  From this information, combined with the knowledge of the various immune effects that can be elicited by differing the dosing, frequency of dosing and route of dosing of AlloStim®, custom protocols are developed. 

Immune Mechanism

Reverse Engineered


Allogeneic stem cell transplantation (“mini-transplant”) anti-tumor mechanism. Capable of killing chemotherapy-resistant tumors.

Healthy young immune response to respiratory viral infection. Clears virus without progression to serious symptoms

Chronic inflammation has been correlated with diseases of old age; such as cancers; cardiovascular diseases, such as arthrosclerosis; and, neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s disease.

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Metastatic solid tumors


Programs rapid innate anti-viral response


Reverses chronic inflammation

Our StimVax® protocol reverse engineers the Mini-Transplant anti-tumor mechanism

Our AlloVax® and CryoVax® protocol reverse engineers the abscopal effect and combines with the Mini-Transplant  anti-tumor mechanism

Our AlloPrime® protocol reverse engineers the early innate antiviral immune response of the young adults

Our AlloLife® protocol reverse engineers the innate immune response that eliminates the sources of chronic inflammation

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