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Mirror Biologics,Inc.是一家临床阶段的国际生物制药公司,致力于开发下一代疫苗和免疫疗法,以解决癌症,传染病和衰老方面尚未满足的医疗需求。 我们专注于活性成分包括活免疫细胞的疗法的开发和生产。

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Mirror Effect
Platform Technology


Next Generation

Immunotherapy of cancer, also called immuno-oncology, is a form of cancer treatment that is designed to harness the power of the body’s own immune system to control and eliminate cancer. Current immunotherapy technologies, such as checkpoint inhibitor drugs and CAR-T cell therapies have limitations as to the types of cancers they are able to treat and the percentage of patients with these susceptible types of cancer that actually respond.  Besides limited applicability and efficacy, these first generation checkpoint inhibitor and CAR-T immunotherapies are expensive and can cause serious side-effects. Our next generation Mirror Effect® technology provides solutions to these problems, broaden the indications that can respond to immunotherapy, significantly lower the cost and significantly reduce the side-effects. 

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Mirror Biologics,Inc.是一家临床阶段的国际生物制药公司,致力于开发下一代疫苗和免疫疗法,以解决癌症,传染病和衰老方面尚未满足的医疗需求。 我们专注于活性成分包括活免疫细胞的疗法的开发和生产。

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Reversed Engineered
Immune Cascades

Our Mirror Effect® technology platform enables us to reverse engineer select components of immune cascades proven to be effective, while excluding any associated toxicities. The safe components of the cascades are then imprinted upon patients in a manner such as to dominate over failed resident immune responses. Our Mirror Effect® technology platform provides unprecedented capability to re-program immune responses that can be directed to treat or prevent cancer and viral pathogens, as well to remodel immune systems of the elderly to assure high quality of life as we age.

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Cutting Edge
Research Programs

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Our current research programs are focused on development of:

A therapeutic immunomodulatory treatment for chemotherapy-refractory metastatic solid tumors. Our lead cancer treatment programs target metastatic colorectal cancer (USA) and advanced/metastatic liver cancer (Asia).

A “pan-viral” vaccine to prevent elderly adults from any type of respiratory viral infection, including COVID-19, influenza and any future novel virus that might emerge. 

An immunomodulatory vaccine to prevent or slow down the weakening of the immune system as we age.

A cloud-based centralized control over portable manufacturing pods, including an automated, closed, sterile “plug-and-play” cell processing system, an “artificial lymph node” high density bioreactor and horizontally-integrated supply chain of reagents, disposables and media formulations, for the economical, large-scale commercial manufacturing, formulation and distribution of living cell products.

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